Jewelry Retouching

We offer affordable services in professional photo retouching, photo restoration, post production service for photographers, Amazon photo editing, real state photo editing and jewelry photo editing service. We are ready to give solution for all photos of photographers, cinematographers, movie producers, advertising agencies, studios, small business, e-commerce website, newspapers, designers, freelancer artist and any other thing regarding photographs. We are currently working for various client from various countries like USA, Aus, Uk, Dubai, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, SF, Russia, Finland, Ireland etc.Our only target is to give you photo editing service so we always think about how we can give you the best. You can send your images anytime including instructions then in next 24 hours well will send it back to you. We have premium software to perform these tasks such as Photoshop.

We provide various photo editing services and jewelry photo retouching service is one of our major tasks. Our keen focus on jewelry retouching makes us to deliver high quality images in shorter turnaround time. We provide quality work with much lower budget. We have highly experience photo editors who have been working with us professionally only in this field.

Our important focus is to help you create awesome buying experience for your customers. Our expert team is 100% committed to give you quality design for your jewelry that will definitely attract your customers. You can give us trail work before your final decision of working with us. Even you can try us with 1-2 images to see the working quality of our workers.

We offer following services in-case of Jewelry Retouching:

  • Color Correction
  • Change Gemstone & Gold Color
  • Clipping & Create Realistic Shadow
  • Clear Dust & Remove Bad Reflection
  • Making Stone More Shinning

Jewelry photography could be a whole distinctive line of photography and ton of excellent jewelry photographers are creating a good living out of it. However if you raise any sensible jewelry creative person, he/she can tell you an equivalent issue. If you wish jewelry image that sells, you want to undergo the method of jewelry photograph redaction or jewelry photograph retouching. Shooting an honest jewelry image is simply the start.
The manner landscape or fashion photography redaction works, jewelry photography doesn’t work an equivalent manner. For one to be an honest jewelry creative person, he/she should perceive the characteristics of {each} single valuable and gems out there as each has its own distinctive characteristics.
Lighting maybe, every completely different gem has its own lighting demand. If you’re shooting a flat stone, you’ll notice that an excessive amount of white lightweight will cause your flat polished stones to relinquish up glares. Subtle lightweight can estimate best during this style of state of affairs.
If we glance at Cabochons as against flat or faceted stones, we all know that it’s additional necessary to point out the color of such stones as against the form. Therefore a lighting arrangement that offers out mirror like reflection getting in depth of the stone and delivery out verity color and clarity is good in shooting such things.